Visual programming using Dynamo in Autodesk Revit / Civil 3D

Dynamo is a aisual programming tool in Autodesk Revit / Civil 3D, for programming using the nodes. From its origin as an add-on for BIM in Revit, Dynamo has matured to become many things. Above all else it is a platform, enbling designers to explore the visual programming, solve problems, and make their own tools. Dynamo is a visual programming application that can be downloaded and run in either stand-alone 'Sandbox' mode or as a plug-in for other software like Revit, Formit or Civil 3D.

The Process: Dynamo enables us to work within a Visual Programming process wherein we connect elements together to define the relationships and the sequence of actions that compose custom algorithms. We can use our algorithms for a wide array of applications, from processing data to generating geometry, all in real-time and without writing a single line of code.

Connecting Nodes and wires: Nodes and wires are the key components in Dynamo to support a Visual Programming process. It help establish strong visual and systemic relationship between the parts of a design. Using simple mouse-click to connect the Nodes easily while developing and optimizing your design workflow.

Nodes and wires

What can Dynamo achieve: From using Visual Programming for project workflows to developing customized tools, Dynamo is an integral aspect of a wide variety of existing applications.

InfraGizmo provided Visual Progamming using Dynamo to build customized tools for genrating various models.